Welcome to Grist!#

Grist is a software product to organize, analyze, and share data.

Grist combines the best of spreadsheets and databases. Grist lets you work with simple grids and lists, and is at its best when data gets more complex.

To sign up and start using Grist, visit https://docs.getgrist.com.

To learn Grist, we recommend starting with our How-To tutorials, or our Intro videos.

How-To Tutorials#

Create a custom CRM. Using the “Lightweight CRM” example, learn to link data, and create high-productivity layouts.

Analyze and visualize data. Using the “Investment Research” example, learn to create summary tables and charts, and link charts dynamically.

Managing business data. Using the “Afterschool Program” example, learn to model business data, use formulas, and manage complexity.

Contact us#

If you have questions not answered here, problem reports, or other feedback, please contact us!

Email: support@getgrist.com