Record Cards#

Record Cards are a quick, easy way to view a record’s details.

To view a record’s details as a card, hover over the row number and click the arrow icon that appears. Select ‘View as card’ from the dropdown menu.


This opens an editable card view of the record’s details.


If your table contains a reference or reference list column, you can click the link icon to open the linked record’s card.


A record card will open to display record data for the referenced record.


Editing a Record Card’s Layout#

You can edit a record card’s layout from the Raw Data page. Click the card icon to open.


You can drag and drop fields to rearrange, resize and add/delete fields from the view. Learn more about editing card layouts.


Disabling a Record Card#

You can also disable a record card from the Raw Data page. To disable a record card for a particular table, click the three-dot icon to the right of the table name then select ‘Disable Record Card’ from the dropdown.