More Examples#

Here we will post useful examples of what you can do with Grist, sometimes with ready-to-use templates.

  • Slicing and Dicing Credit Card Expenses: Grist offers a handy way to explore your credit card transactions quickly. American Express card members can use the ready-made template in the example.

  • Book Lists with Library and Store Look-ups: Grist’s link handling and formulas can help you with your book club, by adding automatic links to libraries, stores, review sites, and other references. The same ideas could work with Ikea furniture, food orders, whatever you like.

  • Prepare Emails using Formulas: Turn cells into links that open an email program to compose a new message, and prefill its recipients, subject, and more.

  • Preparing Invoices: Preview printable invoices side by side with your client data.

  • Tracking Payroll: Keep track of employee rates, roles, and hours conveniently, with up-to-date reliable payroll summaries, and detailed history.

  • Print Mailing Labels: Print mailing labels easily. A custom widget supporting popular label sizes makes it quick to generate labels and print from Grist.

  • Treasure Hunt: Plan a treasure hunt without losing track. Brainstorm clues, then assemble them into a consistent trail.

  • Map: Show locations listed in a table on a map.

  • Task Management for Teams: This glorified To-Do list – similar to the one we use internally at Grist labs – works well to manage a team’s tasks.

  • Lead List: A very simple list of leads, assigned to individuals to follow up, with control of assignments reserved for document owners.

  • Understanding Link Keys: Learn how to create unique links that share limited views of your Grist document.

  • Reference Columns Guide: Mastering Reference Columns in 3 Steps

  • Summary Tables Guide: Master Summary Tables with 2 Concepts, using the example of a timesheet tracker, with detailed account tracking.

  • Auto Time and User Stamps: Learn to create columns that stamp the time or a user’s name to a record when it is created or updated.

  • Access Rules to Restrict Duplicate Records: Learn to how to create a condition in Access Rules to restrict a duplicate record from being created.

  • Creating Proposals & Contracts: Preview printable forms side by side with your project data.

Have something to share?#

Have your own template to share with the world? Email us at, and we may feature it in a future post.