Module: GristData#

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Type Aliases#

Type Aliases#


Ƭ CellValue: number | string | boolean | null | [GristObjCode, …unknown[]]

Possible types of cell content.

Each CellValue may either be a primitive (e.g. true, 123, "hello", null) or a tuple (JavaScript Array) representing a Grist object. The first element of the tuple is a string character representing the object code. For example, ["L", "foo", "bar"] is a CellValue of a Choice List column, where "L" is the type, and "foo" and "bar" are the choices.

Grist Object Types#

Code Type
L List, e.g. ["L", "foo", "bar"] or ["L", 1, 2]
l LookUp, as ["l", value, options]
O Dict, as ["O", {key: value, ...}]
D DateTimes, as ["D", timestamp, timezone], e.g. ["D", 1704945919, "UTC"]
d Date, as ["d", timestamp], e.g. ["d", 1704844800]
C Censored, as ["C"]
R Reference, as ["R", table_id, row_id], e.g. ["R", "People", 17]
r ReferenceList, as ["r", table_id, row_id_list], e.g. ["r", "People", [1,2]]
E Exception, as ["E", name, ...], e.g. ["E", "ValueError"]
P Pending, as ["P"]
U Unmarshallable, as ["U", text_representation]
V Version, as ["V", version_obj]