December 2022 Newsletter#

What’s New#

New Date Filter with Calendar#

Filtering date and datetime columns just got easier. You can now select a date range using a calendar picker.

The bounds of the range may also be relative — for example, from 1st day of this month to Today. The filter will update with each passing day.

Date Filter

Snapshots in Grist Core#

Previously, snapshots were available on hosted Grist and the self-managed enterprise plan, and relied on commercial cloud storage services. Now, snapshot support is also available on Grist Core — the open source version of Grist — and can work with open source self-hosted storage options such as MinIO. 🎉 Learn how to set up snapshots.

Quick Delete for Invalid Table/Column Access Rules#

If there are access rules for a table or column that has been deleted, there is now a convenient button to delete the rules that apply to the deleted column or table.

You remain in control of which rules remain and which are deleted, so you don’t have to worry about rules disappearing if you are reorganizing your document.

Invalid Rule Deletion Button In this example, the Breeder_Retirement column has been deleted, so the column rule for that column should also be deleted.

Improved UI for Memo Writing#

Access rules now have a memo button to add memos to rules, making writing and editing memos more convenient.

Access Rules Memo Button Memos can really help colleagues understand why they can’t do something, since memos are shown in a popup when an action is blocked by a rule.

Access Rules Memo Message


To help you and your teammates get the most out of Grist, there are now tips that appear as you explore Grist’s features. To dismiss all tips, check the “Don’t show tips” checkbox.

Grist Tips

Open Source Contributions#

Thank you to @jperon who created and shared a pivot table custom widget. Find it in our custom widget Github repo, grist-widget.

Custom Widget Pivot Table

Learning Grist#

Webinar: Access Rules for Teams#

Learn how to write access rules that manage team members’ permissions on a document.

Thursday January 19th at 3:00pm US Eastern Time.


Modifying Templates#

In December, we learned how to modify a template from our template gallery to better fit your workflow.


Sprouts Program#

Grist often surprises people with its capabilities. Schedule a free Sprouts call with an expert to see if Grist can address your needs.



Church Management#

Grist user Paul Janzen built a CRM for managing parishioner information at his church. He shared the template with us to include in our gallery. Thank you! 🙏

Church Management


Book Club#

A common New Year’s resolution is to read more books. Kickstart reading habits with a book club! Use this template to keep track of book suggestions, and find books in stores and libraries with a click.

Book Club


Want to Help Grist’s Development?#

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