August 2021 Newsletter#

What’s New#

Reference Lists#

It is now possible to relate a record in one table to multiple records in another table. Choose the Reference List column type to establish a one to many relationship in your document. Learn more.

Reference Lists

Embedding Grist#

Have data you want to share on your website? You may now embed Grist pages as view-only data that updates live. Learn how.

Pabbly Integration#

You may now import data to Grist with Pabbly! Read more on Pabbly’s website.

Row-based API#

The Grist API is now more convenient with row-based (aka record-based) endpoints. Learn more.

Edit Subdomain#

Did you sign up for a team plan, but changed your mind on what subdomain name to use for your site? You may now edit your subdomain from your billing page. Click on your profile icon in the top-right to access your billing page.

Formula Support#

Need help with formulas? There’s a dedicated category in our community forum where you can find formulas for common use cases, and ask for help.

Visit the Forum

Large Template Library#

Finding the right template for your project just got easier. Click on Examples & Templates (in the left-side panel of your personal or team site dashboard) to find a larger library of templates to choose from.


Quick Tips#

  • Multiple Accounts. You can sign in with multiple emails into Grist to easily switch between accounts. Click on your profile icon in the top-right, then select “Add Account”.
  • Finding Duplicates. Find duplicates using the formula:
    "DUP" if len(Products.lookupRecords(ProductCode=$ProductCode)) > 1 else ""
    For more help, follow this guide.
  • Color code conditional values. Use a formula and colorful Choice column entries to flag records that need attention. Follow our quick guide.

    Color Coding

New Templates#

Restaurant Inventory#

Keep track of your restaurant inventory and supplier information, and create purchase orders right in Grist.

Screenshot of Restaurant Inventory


Restaurant Custom Orders#

Build custom orders, calculate ingredient costs, and generate a bill of materials, all in one document.

Screenshot of Restaurant Custom Orders


Custom Product Builder#

Build custom products and production contracts that add up component costs and add your profit margin to the final cost.

Screenshot of Product Builder


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