To collaborate in Grist, you can invite other users to access a document. For team plans, you can also add users to your team site, or to a workspace (see Team Sharing).

When the document is open, click on the sharing icon () on the top right of the screen. It opens a menu with sharing and export options. Select “Manage Users”.


This option is also available in the Grist home page, when you click the three-dots icon to the right of a document’s name.


If the “Manage Users” item is grayed out, it means you don’t have permission to view or manage the sharing settings for this document.

The sharing dialog that opens lists the users that have access to the document. To add a user, enter that user’s email address and hit “Enter” or click “Invite new member” in the dropdown.


You may select a role for any invited user, and click “Confirm” to save the changes and send any invitations.



There are three primary roles supported by Grist:

The option to inherit access does not affect individual plans, and is explained in the Team Sharing article.