November 2021 Newsletter#

What’s New#

Import Column Mapping#

When importing additional data to an existing table in Grist, you can now map columns in your file to columns in the Grist table. Learn more.

Column Mapping

Filter on Hidden Columns#

It is now possible to filter tables based on data in hidden columns. 👻

Filter on Hidden Columns

More Sorting Options#

There are now more sorting options available, including natural sort. Learn more about additional sorting options.

Note that Choice columns have a unique sorting option based on choice position in the choice configuration.

Sort by choice position

Donut Chart#

Grist now supports donut charts!

Donut Chart

Python 3.9#

Python 3.9 is the new default for new documents. Compared to previous default (2.7) it has some useful packages such as mathematical statistics functions. Learn more about supported Python versions.

#1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt!#

Product of the Day!

Grist achieved Product of the Day on Product Hunt! 🎉🚀🐱‍🚀 Thank you for showing your support! Many Grist creators took time out of their day to leave kind reviews and words of encouragement. Thank you! 🙏

Learning Grist#

Build with Grist Webinar#

Join Grist experts on a live webinar to learn Grist best practices.

Wednesday December 15th at 3:00pm US Eastern Time (New York).


During November’s webinar, Grist VP of Product Anais Concepcion discussed the difference between typical formulas and trigger formulas, and when to use which. She also shared some of her favorite formulas and dove deep into how to use reference columns in lookup formulas.


Video: Finding Duplicate Values with a Formula#

Formulas are a great way to find and flag duplicate values in a column. This video breaks down a formula that finds duplicates to deepen your understanding of formulas and Grist.


Community Highlights#

  • Split text string into a list. If you import a long string of text, such as keywords separated by commas, it would be useful to break that string into a list of values that may be filtered and grouped in a Choice List column. Learn how.

  • Identifying values that are not in another table. In the video above, the formula finds duplicates (or unique values) in the same column. Learn how to compare values across tables.

New Templates#


Collaboratively track job applicants, and attach resume and interview notes.

Screenshot of Recruiting Template


Portfolio Performance#

Track your portfolio value and performance, including closed and open P&L.

Screenshot of Portfolio Performance


Event Speakers#

Track speakers booked for events, and flag events that are not yet fully booked.

Screenshot of Event Speakers


Help spread the word?#

If you’re interested in helping Grist grow, consider leaving a review on product review sites. Here’s short list where your review could make a big impact. Thank you! 🙏

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