February 2022 Newsletter#

What’s New#

Custom Widgets Menu#

Adding custom widgets just got easier! Select from a dropdown of premade widgets that are easily configurable in the creator panel. Custom widgets include

  • Markdown editor
  • Action button
  • View image from URL
  • Interactive map
  • Invoices
  • Print labels
  • API inspector

…and more!

Custom Widgets

Access Rules for Anonymous Users#

Granular access rules may now restrict publicly-shared, editable documents. A new user attribute, user.SessionID, makes it possible to limit which data visitors to your document may see or edit. This opens up new use cases, such as simple polling and community-moderated crowdsourced lists.


Two Factor Authentication#

Grist now supports two factor authentication for email + password logins. Navigate to your profile settings to configure two-factor authentication with either text messages, or an authenticator app.

Two Factor Authentication

Cell Context Menu#

Right-clicking on any cell now opens a menu that makes editing data in Grist more convenient.

Cell Context Menu

Learning Grist#

Webinar: Granular Access Rules#

Learn how to create access rules that determine who can see which columns, tables, or rows of your data.

Wednesday March 16th at 3:00pm US Eastern Time.


On February’s webinar, Anais walked through column types and formatting, automatic backups, and how to work on forks of your document.


Community Highlights#

  • Document tours. Our templates often have document tours. This is not yet a polished feature for users, but it’s easy to do if you would like it. Here’s how.

  • Compare a value to a corresponding value n days ago. Say you need to compare a value such as hospitalizations to hospitalizations 5 days ago. Natalie walks through a formula to do just that.

  • Sum total from referencing records. Suppose you bill for multiple services on the same invoice, and in Grist have several Services records pointing to the same Invoice records. Learn how to sum the total hours per invoice.

New Templates#

Crowdsourced Lists#

Access rules make it easier to moderate crowdsourced lists. This template has access rules that allow contributors to add new records, and edit or update their contributions — without signing in. Contributors may view all records, but cannot edit or delete someone else’s contributions. Moderators can edit or delete any data, and they may also add new moderators to the list.

This template also makes use of the map widget.

Screenshot of Crowdsourced Lists


Simple Poll#

With the right set of access rules, you can create polls in Grist! This template reveals how.

Screenshot of Simple Poll


Digital Sales CRM#

Track the sale of digital products such as courses, e-books, membership programs, and more in a simple CRM.

Screenshot of Digital Sales CRM


Health Insurance Comparison#

Create an easy-to-use calculator for your employees to compare health insurance plans offered by your organization.

Screenshot of Health Insurance Comparison


Help spread the word?#

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We are here to support you#

Have questions, feedback, or need help? Search our Help Center, watch video tutorials, share ideas in our Community, or contact us at support@getgrist.com.