Interface: FetchSelectedOptions#


Options for functions which fetch data from the selected table or record:

The different methods have different default values for keepEncoded and format.

Table of contents#




Optional format: "columns" | "rows"

  • rows, the returned data will be an array of objects, one per row, with column names as keys.
  • columns, the returned data will be an object with column names as keys, and arrays of values.


Optional includeColumns: "shown" | "normal" | "all"

  • shown (default): return only columns that are explicitly shown in the right panel configuration of the widget. This is the only value that doesn’t require full access.
  • normal: return all ‘normal’ columns, regardless of whether the user has shown them.
  • all: also return special invisible columns like manualSort and display helper columns.


Optional keepEncoded: boolean

  • true: the returned data will contain raw CellValue‘s.
  • false: the values will be decoded, replacing e.g. ['D', timestamp] with a moment date.