To help you assess whether Grist will work for a use-case you have in mind, here is a list of limitations that apply to its operation.

Number of documents#

The number of documents is limited to 10 in free plans. Paid plans allow up to 1000 documents per user, which may be increased via a support request.

Number of collaborators#

In free plans, each document may be shared with 2 other users, not counting the creator. The set of collaborators can be different for each document.

In paid plans, documents can be shared with 2 other users without extra cost just as in the free plans. Paid plans also allow you to add users to a “team” with paid seats, granting rights to users systematically on sets of documents.

Number of tables per document#

There is a limit of 500 on the number of tables allowed per document. This is a soft limit. If you find yourself with a large number of tables, consider merging ones that have the same structure. For example, if you have a table for each product type, consider using a single table with the product type as an extra column.

Document availability#

From time to time, during upgrades and operational transitions, individual Grist documents may become inaccessible for a period of some seconds. Please bear this in mind when using Grist’s API.

Separately, if 10 authorized API requests are currently being processed for a particular document, any other API requests will be rejected (with HTTP status code 429) until at least one of the original requests completes. A client that waits for one request to complete before sending the next would not hit this limit (assuming it is the sole client accessing the document).