July 2020 Newsletter#

Quick Tips#

  • Review Document Logic. The “Code View” link in the left panel shows a Python module that describes the full data model of your document: all tables, all columns with types, and all formulas. It’s a great overview of the logic that drives a document’s calculations.

  • Links to Compose Emails. If you have a column like “Email”, try adding a formula column with the formula "mailto:" + $Email, set its type to Text, and CELL FORMAT to HyperLink. You can now click a link to compose an email to this address. See New Examples below for much more you can do with this.

What’s New#

More number format options. One-click formatting for dollar amounts, percentages, showing negative numbers in parentheses, and more:


Longer backup retention. Grist makes regular automatic backups of your documents as you work on them. It now retains them for longer, even on the free plan.

Recover or purge deleted documents. Deleted documents are moved to Trash. It is now easy to recover them. Documents in Trash get deleted permanently after 30 days, or you can delete them permanently yourself to purge them from our systems sooner.


Use your own domain. If you use Grist to share data with your own customers and would like it served from your own domain, this option is now available as an add-on to the Team Plan.

Zapier integration. Grist integration on Zapier is now available in beta. Go ahead and connect Grist to other apps.


New Examples#

Here is an example of what you can do with Grist:

  • Prepare Emails using Formulas: Turn cells into links that open an email program to compose a new message, and prefill its recipients, subject, and more. You can essentially create email templates using Grist formulas.

Learning Grist#

  • Get started quickly with basic Grist concepts by watching this playlist of a few very short introductory videos: Grist Video Series.

  • Each of our featured Examples & Templates has a related tutorial that shows step-by-step how to build it from scratch. Read through one to gain a deeper understanding of how various features play together.

  • Visit our Help Center to find all of the above, along with the full product documentation.

  • Questions or suggestions? Click the Give Feedback link near the bottom left in the Grist application, or simply email support@getgrist.com.